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Milo Butterfingers - History

Milo Butterfingers was founded in 1971 by Ned Smith and 3 of his buddies as a small neighborhood honky-tonk. It was located at the northwest corner of Skillman Street and Abrams Road in Dallas, Texas. Live music was the theme and most nights the house band of Bowley & Wilson would have guests such as Jerry Jeff Walker, Ray Wylie Hubbard or B.W. Stephenson sitting in.

By 1974, Ned had bought out his partners and moved Milo's to 4390 Greenville Avenue, at the site of "The El Toro Club". Because of a legal issue over the name use, Milo's was renamed "Leather Balls Saloon" to reflect the local rugby tie-in. Dallas first real beer garden thrived in this spot for about 8 years.

In 1980, Leather Balls Saloon went back to the original name of Milo Butterfingers. Many different stories have been told about how the name originated but which one is true is still a mystery. What is known is there was a fellow named Milo who was quite the screw-up, Ned and the boys were "out taking care of business" and someone was eating a candy bar. Somehow when clearer heads prevailed, all that remained was the name Milo Butterfingers. Ask Ned to retell the story to the naming of Milo Butterfingers you will for sure get a different answer.

In 1982, the perfect storm occurred. Bowley & Wilson, the comedy band from Milo's early years, had performed in their own club at 5645 Yale Blvd for the past few years at what was known as "Up Your Alley". Wanting to escape the S.M.U. corridor and with Ned wanting to take advantage of the college experience, a deal was worked out. It also seemed the Barraco family wanted to start a Italian restaurant on Greenville Ave. So by December 1982, Ned had moved Milo's to its present location on S.M.U. Blvd (formally Yale Blvd), Prego Pasta House had taken over Ned's spot on Greenville Ave., and Bowley and Wilson had moved to Greenville Ave. where the Vespa dealership now sits.

The building the Milo's occupies was originally a house that was moved onto the property in 1942 and converted into a billboard and sign company. The McAfee family operated this business until about 1970 when the house and its add-on became a couple of bars. "The Stables" was located in the front half and "The Stalls" in the back. Bowley & Wilson took over The Stalls and renamed it Bowley and Wilsons Alley. Not being big enough for the crowds, the wall between the two clubs was removed and then became known as "Up Your Alley".

The 1980's found Milo Butterfingers becoming the favorite hangout of college students from down the street at S.M.U. Oliver Stone and Tom Cruise decided to film scenes for the movie Born on the Fourth of July at Milos. The TV show Walker Texas Ranger was an occasional visitor for scenes. The advent of cable TV also led Milos to its current theme as a neighborhood sports bar and grill.

Today Milos is the most eclectic bar in Dallas. A neighborhood favorite for over 40 years, it still has the late night college crowd, the sports enthusiast (17+ flat screens), the longtime regulars and the second generation of many marriages and hook-ups that were started at Milos. You can always find a dart, foosball, pool game, Golden Tee, satellite sports (Sunday Ticket, College Gameplan) or a quiet corner just to talk. Signed sports memorabilia now cover the walls and change as the sports seasons change. Dallas' biggest party of the year the St. Patrick's Day Parade ends right out front of Milo's turning it into the a huge parking lot party.

Many of Milo's loyal staff have been here 15+ years, and they help make your visit enjoyable. Come in once and you are a friend come in again and you are a regular. The food includes unbelievable burgers, chicken wings and other bar favorites dominate the menu but Scottys' daily lunch special will blow you away.

Welcome to Milo Butterfingers.

Milo Butterfingers - 5645 SMU Blvd - Dallas, Texas 75206 - 214.368.9212